About Us

Led by former Wireless Operators/OEM’s, serving wireless operators, equipment manufacturers and customers in the US and abroad. Established in 2004, SWI is engaged in strategy consulting, staff augmentation and turnkey solutions in the areas of:

  1. Telecom and Automation Strategy
  2. RF Engineering
  3. In-building, Small Cell and DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
  4. Fixed Network/Core Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering & Project Management
  6. Network Deployment
  7. Transport/Backhaul

Headquartered in New York with centers of excellence around the globe, our award winning engineering staff has provided cost efficient technical services for over a decade taking our clients from 2G to 4G and now to Fifth Generation Mobile Network Operator (MNO), Enterprise Critical Infrastructure (CII) and Internet of Things (IoT) networks.